Butterflies of Kharkov Region, Ukraine
Бабочки Харьковской области, Украина

by Eugene Karolinskiy

Last update: January 28, 2012

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About the Site and the Author

© Eugene Karolinskiy, 2006-2012, text and photos

This site is devoted to the butterflies (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) of Kharkov region, Ukraine. The results of my observations of local butterflies since 2000 are included. I have also used some literature sources in compiling the list. My photos of most of the recorded species are included. More details about how the list is compiled are here. I am updating the site regularly as soon as I am getting new information.

Any comments, especially concerning distribution and identification, are welcome. You may contact me via kharkov.but(at)gmail.com

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