About the list: Most of the species included as "confirmed" were observed by me. However some of the species were included on the base of communications with other butterfly students, collections, and information from literature sources. Since these sources often contradict each other I include a species if there is an strong evidence of recent (within about 20 years) records. Other records go to the list of historic and dubious records. Of course this approach is not guaranteed to be error-free, but I plan to continue this project and make the information more accurate. Any comments are very welcome.

The system used here is more or less arbitrary. There are nearly as many schemes as authors; I am just using a scheme which seems to be convenient for me. The systematic arrangement is not a goal of this project.

About the photographs: The vast majority of the photos are taken by me (for a few other photos its authorship is stated clearly). All photos are subject to copyright. If you want to use some of the photos please ask me for permission. If you have any nice photographs of Kharkov region origin and want them to be published on this site please let me know. Of course photos of species still missing here are especially welcome.

About the maps: For each species from the main list, the map of its records in the region is given. The records are mostly done by me; also I have included some records made by fellow entomologists (to whom I am grateful for sharing) and data from some collections. The records included start from circa 1990 (and later), so the current state of the fauna is reflected. Definitely, the maps are not complete, so the absence of a dot on a map does not mean that the corresponding species cannot be found there (this is especially true for common and widespread species which most probably can be found throughout the region in suitable habitats). Notice also that the southwest and the south of the region is still not enough investigated, and there are few records from there.

About me: I am not a professional entomologist so please be lenient to my modest efforts. I am interested in butterflies (as well as in nature in general) since my childhood in 1980's. I am observing our local butterflies on more or less regular basis since 2000. Since 2005 I started to take pictures of what I have seen.

V-21-2006, Kharkov reg., Volchansk distr., Efremovka: photographing Neptis sappho (photo by Sasha Lyapina)

You may contact me via e-mail: kharkov.but(at)gmail.com


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