Callophrys rubi (Linnaeus, 1758)

Uncommon. Late April - July.

Early/late dates: April 22 - July 30.

Habitat: woodland edges and openings, bushy areas, adjacent meadows.

Remark: The systematics of our representatives of the genus Callophrys is unclear. A newly described taxon, Callophrys chalybeitincta nigra Stradomsky, 2005, is very similar to this species (however, notice that in the recent revision [Ten Hagen & Miller, 2010] of the genus Callophrys based on the mitochondrial DNA investigation the taxon chalybeitincta is treated as a subspecies of rubi, and the taxon nigra is synonymized with chalybeitincta; on the contrary, in [Stradomsky & Vodolazhsky, 2011] it is reported that C. rubi and C. chalybeitincta differ in nuclear DNA). These taxa are reportedly distinguished phenologically: C. rubi flying in May, C. chalybeitincta nigra in June. Indeed, in our region some populations fly from late April to May, and others from late May to July. At least one voucher specimen (VI-03-2010, Izyum distr., Mala Komyshuvakha) has genitalia typical for C. chalybeitincta (thanks to Boris Stradomsky for confirmation). More research is needed. Here I do not split the taxa pending more information.

C. rubi C. rubi

IV-22-2008, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

IV-22-2008, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

C. rubi C. rubi

V-03-2009, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

V-12-2009, Kharkov reg., Dergachi distr., Gavrilovka

C. rubi C. rubi

IV-22-2008, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

V-18-2010, Kharkov reg., Zmijev distr., Pershotravnevoe

VI-06-2007, Kharkov reg., Zmijev distr., st. 829 km; male

VI-23-2006, Kharkov reg., Novaya Vodolaga distr., Fedorovka; female

VII-04-2006, Kharkov reg., Novaya Vodolaga distr., Fedorovka

VI-22-2006, Kharkov reg., Novaya Vodolaga distr., Fedorovka; male



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