Inachis io (Linnaeus, 1758)

Common to abundant. Two generations, late June - early August and mid August - mid October, reappearing after hibernation in March - early June.

Early/late dates: 1st generation June 18 - August 7, 2nd generation August 8 - October 16 and March 7 - June 6.

Habitat: forest openings and edges, gardens, meadows.

I. io I. io

VI-23-2007, Kharkov reg., Dergachi distr., Gavrilovka

VIII-13-2007, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

I. io I. io

VII-15-2006, Kharkov, Zhikhar'

VII-06-2006, Kharkov, Zhikhar'

I. io I. io larva

IX-22-2009, Kharkov, Danilovskij Dendropark

VIII-07-2007, Kharkov, Zhikhar'; mature larva

I. io larvae

VI-14-2005, Kharkov, Zhikhar'; mature larvae



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