Hipparchia statilinus (Hufnagel, 1766)

Rare and local. One generation, August.

Early/late dates: August 8 - September 5.

Habitat: open pine forest on sandy soils.

H. statilinus H. statilinus

VIII-09-2006, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

VIII-21-2006, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

H. statilinus H. statilinus

VIII-23-2009, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka

VIII-27-2009, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka (same specimen as left)

H. statilinus female H. statilinus female

VIII-20-2007, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka; female probing for oviposition

VIII-24-2008, Kharkov, Bezlyudovka; female

H. statilinus

VIII-10-2009, Kharkov, st. Udyanskaya


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