Neptis rivularis (Scopoli, 1763)

Very localized but can be common where found. One generation, June - July.

Early/late dates: May 30 - August 2.

Habitat: deciduous forest openings and edges; usually stays close to its host (Spiraea).

N. rivularis male N. rivularis female

VI-09-2006, Kharkov, Lesopark; male

VI-26-2008, Kharkov, Lesopark; female

N. rivularis male N. rivularis pair

VI-05-2008, Kharkov, Lesopark; male

VI-27-2006, Kharkov, Lesopark; male left, female right

N. rivularis female

VII-05-2006, Kharkov, Lesopark; female



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